DJI Dispatches Osmo Action 3 Camera

The new Osmo Action 3 offers further developed battery duration and native help for vertical shooting

DJI has presented another action camera, the Osmo Action 3, that the organization is charging as the most remarkable activity camera DJI has made.

Striking elements incorporate an incredibly superior battery and local help for vertical shooting.

“Since we delivered the first Osmo action in 2019, we have been ceaselessly roused by the dazzling film caught with it,” said Paul Container, senior product offering director at DJI. “As our clients continue driving further, moving quicker, and jumping further, our main goal is to give a gadget worked to stay aware of them. Each new element made Osmo Action 3 the most solid, intense, and simple to-utilize activity camera. We can hardly hold back to see what our clients make when they stretch their boundaries with Osmo Action 3.”

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